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  • Join Us For Our 2020 Fall Field Day

    HoneyStrong focuses on giving back to the customers by offering classes that teaches customers anything from making candles to lip balm to treating bees with oils
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    Sat Aug 20-22, 2020 9:00am-1pm 

    Self-Pick ($10/gal) 


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It all started when the bees came to us! We found a love and a passion for beekeeping when we removed bees from our house. Little did we know how much we would truly enjoy having bees and working in the hives. HoneyStrong started out primarily doing honey bee removals (both structure and swarms) and now we have evolved into a beekeeping supply store. We love to share and teach as many people as we can and hope to one day see you in one of our classes. 

 We have very competitive prices that will beat most local and online bee supply stores. We look forward to your business and having you as our customer. Feel Free to use the search box on this site as well. You can purchase ahead of time and we will have your order ready and waiting for you. 


Our hours change depending on season. Please check back here for our hours before coming or give us a buzz!         704-993-6833        1753 Ebenezer Rd Smyrna, SC 29743

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